These resources are available to help our clients with simple tactics and bite sized modules that will support your growth. We thank our valued guests for sharing their wisdom, strategies and success with us (together, we rise) and we recommend you to talk to them for extra support with implementation.



Facebook Ads

Are you are confused and overwhelmed when it comes to Facebook ads? Or you want to outsource your ads but want to be more strategic? Stacey Hughes loves making Facebook ads fun and how well they work as a marketing tool. In this lesson, she guides us through all things Facebook ads, from the basics around setting up to optimising and scaling sales using Facebook ads.


LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn represents a largely underutilised lead generation opportunity for small business. In this episode, lead generation expert Quan Nguyen guides us through exactly how to set up and use LinkedIn to generate leads.

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Expanding outcomes for business is at the core of what we do. Here at Everyday Strategy, we have an impressive track record supporting clients to shape their business, secure funding and transform outcomes. Show Me the Money is a podcast specifically designed to support small business with growth strategies and bite sized micro learning opportunities that can help you synthesise your thoughts around key topics, implement strategies to expand your business and hear experts talk about the how and why it's so simple.